5 Mile Recreation Area

This is the entrance that is on the south side of Big Chico Creek. Located off of Centennial Ave, near the turnaround of Vallombrosa Ave and Manzanita Ave. (This is not Hooker Oak Recreation Area). Turn onto Centennial Ave from Manzanita Ave, after about 100 yards you will see the entrance into the parking area for the park on the left. If the gates are open, go and park inside, if the gates are not open, you can park along the street and walk in. We will be waiting at the picnic area to the right (east) of the bathrooms.

One Mile Recreation Area, Lower Bidwell Park

We will be meeting in front of Caper Acres play area. Directions from south Chico: Go north on Cypress Ave (turns into Mangrove Ave). Before the bridge over Big Chico Creek (and before the main intersection with Vallombrosa Ave) take a right into the park entrance at the four way stop sign. Follow that road into the park, until you see signs for Caper Acres, which is just after the baseball field on the left. We will be meeting at the benches right outside Caper Acres.

Cedar Grove, Lower Bidwell Park

Cedar Grove is right next to the Chico Creek Nature Center. Off of E. 8th St, close to Parkview Elementary School. We will be meeting at the picnic tables that are in between the parking lot and the bathrooms.

Monkey Face Parking lot, Upper Bidwell Park

You can get to Upper Park entrance by going all the way east on East Ave, and then at the turnaround turn into Wildwood Ave. Or, you can go north on Bruce Rd until it turns into Manzanita Ave, go through 2 turnarounds, when you get to the third one (before the road turns into East Ave) turn right onto Wildwood Ave. Once you are on Wildwood Ave, go all the way down the road, until it hits the main gate. Turn left into the parking lot. This is the one after the Rod and Gun Club at Horsehoe Pond. We will be meeting at the picnic benches at the end of the parking lot, by the Port-O-Johns.

Centennial Entrance into Upper Bidwell Park

This is one of the lesser known entrances into Bidwell Park. Go as you were going to the 5 Mile Rec Area, but drive past that entrance all the way until the road does a horseshoe turn to the right. Right at this curve, you will see a small parking area and a gate, as well as a sign. We will be meeting here.

Bidwell-Sacramento River Park

This is about a 15 minute drive from downtown Chico. There are several ways to get there, but this is the most direct. Go west on the 32, over the train tracks, and turn right as it turns into Nord Ave. Follow Nord Ave until you get to the Safeway shopping center, turn left at the traffic light onto West Sacramento Ave. Follow this road for several miles out of town. It will eventually dead end onto River Rd. At the stop sign, turn right and then immediately turn left into the parking lot. There is a sign that reads “Bidwell Sacramento River Park” and there are picnic benches right next to the parking area. We will meet there.