Earthbound Skills is a nature observation and awareness outdoor school located in Chico California. We teach naturalist skills, wilderness survival, and primitive living to a wide variety of ages. We have been established in Chico since 2012.

Children at Earthbound Skills learn through a direct experience in nature while building a deeper connection with their surroundings, their peers, and their mentors. We immerse our students in exciting hands-on naturalist studies that consist of tracking, bird language, animal and plant identification, nature based crafts, and movement games that cultivate confidence and awareness. 

We work with public schools, home schools and charter schools teaching children of all ages.  We also offer programs and workshops for adults and families occasionally throughout the year.

What an amazing experience for our boys to experience the world as it is intended to be experienced. The modern rush of parenting proves challenging to slow down, get intentional with our surrounding environment, and teach essential skills our children need to equip them for independence. Thank you for fostering a relationship of our children as stewards of (not users of) the natural world.
— Dan La Bar
We have loved so much about Earthbound Skills class for my 9 year old son. He always looked forward to going and always came home with new information about plants, animals, the environment, survival skills, and friendship skills. I appreciated how the staff was welcoming to all kinds of learners and the group was welcoming even if there were challenges in the past. The varying class locations, the amazing staff, the smallish groups of engaged learners, the information and topics covered...a great class for any kid!
— Mary L
Earthbound skills is such a gem! In the last two years, I have observed my son grow into a confident, knowledgeable artist of primitive skills eager to share his new abilities with all. A fantastic program where your child learns many very necessary survival skills!
— Nache Warren
My kids have enjoyed many, many hours spent with Jahnia, Wyatt and Matthew learning about the outdoors. As a family, we have always spent summers camping and weekends hiking, but to have this time to spend with peers and fantastic group leaders has been quite transformational for my kids. They have learned so many amazing skills and tidbits about the world around them. Each week is a new adventure with games, new ways of using their senses and team building skills. We are so grateful for what Earthbound Skills provides to the community of homeschooled children in Butte County. Thank you!
— Jenny

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