Homeschool Program: Ages 4-14

To change a society that truly loves and revers the natural world, we must offer its citizens life-changing experiences in nature.
— Joseph Bharat Cornell

NURTURE THE NATURE IN YOUR CHILD....Nature is the place where children naturally thrive. Their sensory awareness is enhanced, their physical ability and agility is improved, their concentration and cognitive ability increases and their creative imagination is stimulated. Nature is the foundation for an infinite learning experience. Yet, more and more, the average child spends increasingly less time connecting to nature. Research has proven time and again how beneficial nature is to children's development, but also how a disconnect can be detrimental to their overall wellness and development. It is time to get your children outside in nature!

Earthbound Skills provides a safe environment to facilitate this connection with nature. Our trained naturalist and survivalist instructors will nurture the natural curiosity and love for nature that is within every child, inspiring a long-lasting relationship with their natural world.

Your child will learn more about their natural environment, create relationships with our local plants and trees, and learn more about the animals that we share this world with. Through stories, games, and hands-on activities we will teach the basics of wilderness survival: finding and making shelter, the basics of identifying and following animal tracks, understanding bird language, identifying their local plants for food, medicine, and much more. We have a huge resource of games that will increase your child's confidence, proprioception, agility, reflexes, social skills, teamwork, awareness, and more. We make time for quiet and solitude in nature, to nurture each child's personal experience with nature.

All of our home school programs go for 6 week sessions, twice each semester, with a break in between.  Students in each program will be given a nature journal that they will add to throughout the class, and a “Story of the Day” will be emailed out to the parents weekly so they can stay in touch with what their children are experiencing.  The programs are divided into 3 groups according to age:


Forest Foxes - This program is for 4-7 year olds.  This program was inspired by our original and very popular Nature Ninjas program, but modified to meet the needs of the younger age group.  Children in this age range are ready to explore, and learn best when they can follow their natural passions and curiosities. With the guidance of our instructors, they will experience the curriculum described above while learning about the natural world through their own discoveries. These classes are smaller than our other classes, with a 1:6 mentor-to-student ratio.  This class is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10:00-2:00. The cost for a 6 week session is $260.


Nature Ninjas - This program is for 7-12 year olds. Students taking this course will gain knowledge in all the previously mentioned topics, through a direct experience with nature and close mentorship with our instructors.  Activities and lessons flow with the seasons as the students deepen their connection to nature through constant observation and interaction. These classes have a maximum enrollment of 24 students, with a 1:8 mentor-to-student ratio.  This class is offered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with an option to drop off at either 9:00 or 11:00, with pick-up at 3:00. The cost for a 6 week session for the 4 hour class is $260, and for the 6 hour class is $350.


Woodland Scouts - This program is for 11-14 year olds, designed with the intention of meeting the needs of students who have been taking classes with us for a while, or for new students who already have an interest in nature and wilderness skills.  In this class we will delve more deeply into all of the skills that we teach. Expect a more in depth approach to everything - from sit spots, to games, to survival skills and crafts, to naturalist studies. Students will need to get permission to carve, which is included in their registration packet.  This class is offered on Thursdays from 10:00-3:00. It has a max enrollment of 16 students, with a 1:8 mentor-to-student ratio. The cost for a 6 week session is $300 (price increase due to longer class time).

I feel so good about the time my boys spend with Earthbound Skills. Their outings are rich with meaningful activities and skills taught in a playful, developmentally appropriate manner. The boys are so alive when they are out exploring and investigating the mysteries of nature. They are tuning in to senses that get dulled with modern living and finding a new source of purpose. It has impacted my boys in learning outside off their class time...Of all the ways we choose to spend our homeschooling funds, I feel this is the money best spent and will continue to have my children involved in this program for as long as we can.
— Trelawney La Bar

Early FALL Session

Six consecutive weeks: September 9 - October 11


Ages 4-7: Forest Foxes

Tuesdays, Sept 10 - Oct 15, 10:00-2:00 ($260) Only 2 spots left!

Thursdays, Sept 12 - Oct 17, 10:00-2:00 ($260) Full! Waitlist only.

Ages 7-12: Nature Ninjas

Mondays (FULL, waitlist only) Sept 9 - Oct 14, 9:00-3:00 ($350) OR 11:00-3:00 ($260)

Wednesdays (1 spot left!) Sept 11 - Oct 16, 9:00-3:00 ($350) OR 11:00-3:00 ($260)

Fridays, For returning students only, no new students. Sept 13 - Oct 18, 9:00-3:00 ($350) OR 11:00-3:00 ($260)

Ages 11-14: Woodland Scouts

Thursdays, Sept 12 - Oct 17, 10:00-3:00 ($300) 5-HOUR CLASS

This class is full.

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Late FALL Session

Six weeks: October 28 - December 13

(No class the week of Thanksgiving, 11/25 - 11/29)

Ages 4-7: Forest Foxes

Tuesdays, (3 spots available). Oct 29 - Dec 10 10:00-2:00 ($260)

Thursdays, (2 spots available). Oct 31 - Dec 12 10:00-2:00 ($260)

Ages 7-12: Nature Ninjas

Mondays, (3 spots left) Oct 28 - Dec 9 9:00-3:00 ($350) OR 11:00-3:00 ($260)

Wednesdays, (1 spot left) Oct 30 - Dec 11 9:00-3:00 ($350) OR 11:00-3:00 ($260)

Fridays, For returning students only, no new students. (4 spots left) Nov 1 - Dec 13. 9:00-3:00 ($350) OR 11:00-3:00 ($260)

Ages 11-14: Woodland Scouts

Thursdays, Oct 31 - Dec 12, 10:00-3:00 ($300) 5-HOUR CLASS

This class is full.

If you would like to sign up to be notified if we add another Woodland Scout class, please click here.

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