Nature Program: Forest Foxes, Ages 4-7

To change a society that truly loves and revers the natural world, we must offer its citizens life-changing experiences in nature.
— Joseph Bharat Cornell

NURTURE THE NATURE IN YOUR CHILD....Nature is the place where children naturally thrive. Their sensory awareness is enhanced, their physical ability and agility is improved, their concentration and cognitive ability increases and their creative imagination is stimulated. Nature is the foundation for an infinite learning experience. Yet, more and more, the average child spends increasingly less time connecting to nature. Research has proven time and again how beneficial nature is to children's development, but also how a disconnect can be detrimental to their overall wellness and development. It is time to get your children outside in nature!

This age range of 4-7 years old is such a sweet time in adolescence; Their natural love and curiosity for nature is emerging and they are like little sponges, ready to absorb all of the information around them. It is the perfect time to present them with the opportunity to explore their surroundings, enhance their senses, develop their proprioceptive skills, develop relationships with our local plants and animals, as well as tap into that natural state of balance and wellness that one gets from spending time in nature.  Similar to the popular Forest Kindergartens in Europe and now the US, our Forest Foxes program encourages children to follow their own curiosity with lots of free time in nature that is not structured.  As mentors, we come with lessons and activities that will support their explorations and discoveries in the natural world. We will share stories from around the world that help them understand nature’s mysteries surrounding them and stimulate their imaginations.  We will play games and make crafts that will enhance their senses and help develop body awareness and agility. All of our classes take place outside, so your child will acclimate naturally to the seasons as they directly experience and observe the shifting of the seasons.

To help you, the parent, stay updated on their experiences with us during class, we will send a “recap” of the day weekly to your email.  This is written by one of the instructors who was at the class, written almost like a story so you can keep up with the lessons that your child is absorbing.  We sometimes will include suggestions for how to support further learning at home. Your child will also be given a nature journal, which they will add to throughout the sessions and will reflect the lessons they had in class.

Forest Fox classes are smaller than our other classes, usually averaging around 12 children, with a 1:6 mentor-to-child ratio.  We meet weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10:00-2:00, for 6 week sessions which run twice each semester. The cost of each 6 week session is $240.

If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ page, and if you don’t find an answer there, feel free to contact us.

We are so thankful for Earthbound Skills. My kids are always so happy when I pick them up and just seem to be their best selves. Very peaceful and confident. I love hearing all the things they’ve learned throughout the week. It’s helped their self esteem and really empowered them. The staff are SO good with the kids. They are playful, spontaneous, and wonderful examples of respect, empathy, and kindness. It’s wonderful to see the kids in the class really bond with each other and make such genuine friendships. After a few weeks of class my very shy 7 year old told me that on the very first day of Earthbound Skills they were sitting in a circle at the beginning of class and he just felt like he really belonged there and that he was really a part of the group. On the way home from class one day my nine year old told me, “I just feel like it’s really changed my life. I don’t know how, but I just really think it has.
— Ellie

Early FALL Session

Six consecutive weeks: September 9 - October 11

Tuesdays, Sept 10 - Oct 15, 10:00-2:00 ($260)


Thursdays, Sept 12-Oct 17, 10:00-2:00 ($260)Only 1 spot left!

Late FALL Session

Six weeks: October 28 - December 13

(No class the week of Thanksgiving, 11/25 - 11/29)

Tuesdays, (3 Spots left) Oct 29 - Dec 10, 10:00-2:00 ($260)


Thursdays, (2 Spots left) Oct 31 - Dec 12, 10:00-2:00 ($260)


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